Bay Area True Painting Company
(813) 418-2433
“We are a painting organization delivering exceptional value to our customers through providing painting services focused on Service Outcomes and Costs.”

Service: We deliver a high level of service by treating our customers the way we would want to be treated. We show up on time and when expected to be there. We walk our customers through the entire process so they are aware of our processes and when they can expect completion of the project.

Outcomes: Our goal is to deliver exceptional outcomes for our customers. We do this by using the highest quality supplies that meet the needs of the project on hand. We align the various paints to the application there intended for. We also leverage current technology and best practices to deliver quantifiable and deliverable outcomes every time. We believe in our outcomes and Guarantee our finishes for 5 years. We offer a onetime up to 1-hour free touch up on any project that we have completed. The only exclusion is any sun-faded projects and customer must supply the paint.

Costs: We believe in continuous improvement and reducing costs for our customers. We do this by extending our pricing of supplies to our customers, which is a 30 % savings. We are extremely customer focused and 2/3 of our customers come from referrals because of this. This reduces our customer acquisition costs. We reuse our rollers, brushes, drop clothes and any supply that we can. These supplies last us months sometimes years if we take care of them correctly. All of these help reduce the cost of the project for our customers.

Please allow us the opportunity to provide exceptional outcomes on your project!

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